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New Articles: Symposium on "Carework in Transition" in Critical Sociology

Available in Critical Sociology, Vol 44:7/8 (Nov 2018)

Symposium: Carework in Transition

Care Work in Transition: Transnational Circuits of Gender, Migration, and Care
Heidi Gottfried and Jennifer Jihye Chun

Becoming Homecare Workers: Chinese Immigrant Women and the Changing Worlds of Work, Care and Unionism
Jennifer Jihye Chun and Cynthia Cranford

Bridging Ethnic Differences for Cultural Intimacy: Production of Migrant Care Workers in Japan
Pei-Chia Lan

Care Work and Ethnic Boundary Marking in South Korea
Yang-Sook Kim

Masculinity, Care and Stay-Behind Fathers: A Postsocialist Perspective
Helma Lutz

Duplicitous Freedom: Moral and Material Care Work in Anti-Trafficking Rescue and Rehabilitation
Elena Shih

Reproducing Dystopia: The Politics of Transnational Surrogacy in India, 2002–2015
Sharmila Rudrappa

Rethinking Reproductive Labor through Surrogates’ Invisible Bodily Care Work
Anabel Stoeckle

Shaping and Reshaping Care and Migration in East and Southeast Asia
Ito Peng

Whose Family Matters? Work–Care–Migration Regimes and Class Inequalities in Singapore
Youyenn Teo

The Struggle for Recognition: The Politics of Migrant Care Worker Policies in Taiwan
Yi-Chun Chien

At the Intersection of Urban and Care Policy: The Invisibility of Eldercare Workers in the Global City
Kendra Strauss and Feng Xu

Reflections on Globalized Care Chains and Migrant Women Workers
Mary Romero

The Global Governance of Paid Domestic Work: Comparing the Impact of ILO Convention No. 189 in Ecuador and India
Sabrina Marchetti

The Employment Relationship and Movement Strategies among Domestic Workers in India
Rina Agarwala and Shiny Saha

Transformative Labor Organizing in Precarious Times
Lisa Moore

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