International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Economy & Society

New Journal: Social Theory and Dynamics

The Institute of Social Theory and Dynamics (ISTAD) is a non-profit academic organization that performs theoretical and empirical studies and research on the structure and dynamics of change in modern societies. T ISTAD published a research journal Social Theory and Dynamics. It is a new journal which is the first English Journal on critical sociology to be published in Japan. Social Theory and Dynamics is an international journal of critical sociology and/or social science, which publishes articles that analyze the contemporary social problems from critical and radical perspectives.

Volume 2, March 2018 (https://www.istdjapan.org/english/)

  • Public Space Excludes Homeless Workers in Japan: Regulating the ‘Recyclers’ for Hegemonic Habitat Mahito Hayashi

  • Corporate Packaged Food in Slums: Market and Meanings in the Filipino Sari-Sari Stores, Heriberto Ruiz-Tafoya

  • Social Engineering of a Private Creative City in Johannesburg: Structural Injustice Generated by Neoliberal Governmentality Yohei Miyauchi

  • Diverging Paths: Work and Associational Lives of Filipina Marriage Migrants in South Korea Ilju Kim

  • Documenting the Undocumented: State Identification of Non-nationals in Street-level Bureaucracy in Post-war Japan Sara Park

  • Japanese ‘Comfort Women’ as a Feminist Theme Naoko Kinoshita

  • Issues for the Future Study of Filipino Immigrants in Japan: A Review of Literature since the 2000’s Sachi Takahata

New Book: Vishwas Satgar, ed. 2018. The climate crisis: South African and global democratic eco-socialist alternatives