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Critical Sociology announces an annual Erik Olin Wright Distinguished Article Award

In recognition of his commitment to nurture junior scholars, the Editorial Board of Critical Sociology announces an annual Erik Olin Wright Distinguished Article Award recognizing an outstanding article published each year in Critical Sociology. This award is to be given to a junior scholar or scholars for an article that demonstrates a critical analysis of the interrogation of capitalism, social stratification, power and/or other intersectional issues of inequality in society. To be eligible for this award, the primary author must be either: a) an untenured faculty member at a college or university; b) a graduate student; or c) an independent scholar within 6 years of receiving their degree. Recipients of the award, announced each year in the July/August issue of the journal, will receive a plaque and be formally recognized by Critical Sociology; the award-winning article will be freely available on the journal’s website.

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